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*NCH Software free audio file converter from e.g. FLAC to mp3. Sound and audio recorder, sound editor, mixer, LP converter etc. are not great quality.
*NCH Software free audio file converter from e.g. FLAC to mp3. Sound and audio recorder, sound editor, mixer, LP converter etc. are not great quality.
*Wavepad and Soundtap excellent to record, edit, convert soundfiles.
=== Photo Editing ===
=== Photo Editing ===

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Information and Communications Technology - or technologies (ICT) includes all technologies for the manipulation and communication of information.



Various tools

General Software


Search engines for people

OS Apple Ipod

OS Linux, Ubuntu

f-spot, rythmbox, ksnapshot, dropbox.

OS Android

Collaborative information management, storage Lists many new collaborative information management systems ; Enterprise wiki ; Everyday tech solutions online ; ; synchs folders on several computers ; synchs across devices too ; Small downloadable programme allows for effortless online synch from an L drive on computer ; replicates an operating system online, pretty nifty ; 2009 site for cloud storage and sharing ; same as previous ; 2 Gb free online storage ; aol online storage, closing Jan 2009 ; Not free online storage ; This is formely streamload site now bust ; ; ; Free and rich editor ; launched in 2008 Adobe’s Flash-equipped word processor is perhaps visual overkill for word processing ; ; Creates on annotated maps ; Create timelines ; Create blog/online spaces with content ; Backpackit for wikistyle collaborative effort, pay ; online notes, good for shared projects or sites ; design space online for collaborative work ; project tool ; goal communities share files up to 200mb online ; ;

RSS feeds technology, push technology

In 2005 RSS was in its infancy. The concept of “push” versus “search” around information consumption had become very real. 
In 2010 the Internet has undergone a major evolution. The real-time information RSS was so astute at delivering (primarily, blog feeds) is now gained through conversations, and consuming this information has become a social experience. As Steve Gillmor pointed out in TechCrunch, being locked in an RSS reader makes less and less sense to people as Twitter and Facebook dominate real-time information flow. Today RSS is the enabling technology – the infrastructure, the delivery system. RSS is a means to an end, not a consumer experience in and of itself. As a result, RSS aggregator usage has slowed significantly.

Online events, e-conference


Offline browsing, Online annotation, Clips, Research knowledge management

Email & contact management is disposable mail ; checks cheaper phone calls abroad; can reroute phone numbers ; ; Social website people search ; 2008 aggregator of contacts ; 2009 see mail's from multiple online accounts in one place ; store mail online ; videoconferencing ; Used to be email forwarding service (2000) now media company ; old hybernating email service from 1990s ; 1990s service that is disappearing 2009 taken up by yahoo ;

ViOP roaming for local phone calls via voip ; ; ; ;

Social Networking

Look out for aggregators, and techniques that can bring social networks into other areas of the web like aggegates Hi5 Myspace Orkut and perhaps Facebook ; Rickard Eriksson " Vad jag hoppas är att precis som vi för många år sedan fick en standard för hur man skickar e-post runt om i världen, så skulle jag vilja se något liknande inom sociala medier. Någon standard så att man kunde umgås socialt på nätet och ha alla sina vänner samlade utan att det behöver vara en enda stor global sajt som har hand allt om allting."

Early 90s

















File manager, file sharing, downloading



Publishing, Web Design, Content Management Systems

Print & Web Design

E-book Management

Ereader software for PC and/or as apps for smartphones.

E-readers hardware


Printer & PDF

Name Link Description
Printer Anywhere
Cute Pdf To make pdf files ;
Framasoft various software, including for merging pdf files ;
PDF Hacks
Elcomsoft removes PDF restrictions ; not working well
Foxit Reader
Tracker-software for annotation in pdf files

Word Processing

Calendars ; Download page and installation instructions. ; Unfortunately you have to pay for it to get the good stuff. But, I am able to have my smart phone, outlook calendar, and Google calendar in sync easily. ; ; A4 sheet that becomes pocket calendar ; offline access and sync with google calendar ;


Sound and Video recording

Photo Editing

Semantic Web ; Free shared database of knowledge. Inchoate. Semantic web ; One attempt at structuring wikipedia information semantically ; ; Structure of collaborative tagging systems ; Article on semantic wikis for humanitarian actors ; Semantic mediawiki community ; Acceptable blog on semantic web ; Article on Freebase ; Mash up tool ;

Conflict and Information technology

See Humanitarian Action.

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