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Interdisciplinary field concerned with the role of social institutions in the shaping of culture. Among its central concerns are the place of race (or ethnicity), class, and gender in the production of cultural knowledge.


Orientalistes i.a. Renan, Lamartine, Volney, Louis Massignon, Maxime Rodinson. Edward Said Orientalism.


Normative multiculturalism - the idea that multiculturalism, through its focus on differences is something desirable. The critique against this concern its focus on groups rather than individuals as for instance the dialogue (admittedly tamely attempted) between "muslims" and "christians" in Western societies to counter tension and feeling out exclusion in the wake of massive immigration, is an example of. Multiculturalism thus resembles monoculturalism in its focus on assimilation. Who has the right to define and then represent certain groups? Per Bauhn and Disla Demirbag-Sten defends the individual freedom against the rights of different cultures in "Till frihetens forsvar".

Munira Mirza in London argues along the same lines, that multicultural policies often serve to entrench difference and "victim politics."

The White Man

'i do not know, dad, why do you kill the women and children? ; because they are strangers, they don't know where is the centre of the earth'...... Nicolas Menut, anthropologue, auteur de 'L'homme blanc : representations de l'occidental dans les arts non europeens. 2010.

Where is the possibility to see the cliches of colonialism.  : l'art delicat de decentriment.. The white man that does not walk but run, is always stressed.

Carnacier, arnieux, devorant, mefiant - a dog and a white man depicted with the same smile by Africans.

organisational culture building on Kluckhohn cf

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