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Touches on Population control, reproductive rights, migration, Urbanisation, Urban Planning, Architecture, Refugee Studies, International Law, human trafficking issues at Development Policies.

Fred Pearce, Peoplequake puts forward a thesis of mass migration, aging nations and a coming population crash. But also claims ageing populations an opportunity for more peaceful societies. - Conflict Causes.

Successful programming linking health with demography : Deployment of 50,000 trained female reproductive health workers has halved birth rates in 15 years.


Malthus thesis of overpopulation. Vide Jonathon Porritt, Jared Diamond, David Attenborough. And a lot of kooks.. but note that overpopulation can exacerbate poverty, malnutrition and environmental degradation. Evolutionary biologist Edward O. Wilson suggests the bottleneck theory: that maximum pressure on the natural world will occur this century as human population peaks, after which a declining human population will ease that pressure. This is based on the 'population transition' thesis - that the rest of the world will follow Europe's and North America's 'lead' in declining fertility rates with industrialisation and modernisation. The goal of conservation is therefore to help as much of nature as possible squeeze through this population bottleneck. But what if this is not true, what if human species continues to multiply? The fertility rates in Africa remain stubboringly high, and even in Indonesia it seems it is difficult to get below 3 children per woman despite long-term family planning and modernisation.

In demographic studies, social networks composed of similar individuals who pioneer demographic innovations such as contraceptive use are called demographic innovators. As the size of the demographic innovator class increases, new norms with respect to family size and contraceptive use take shape and remain stable over time.


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