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The IMF has assumed a greater role in the aftermath of the 2008-9 crisis. However, it is still viewed as an Euro-Atlantic institution by many. Its preferential treatment of Latvia, from pressure from the EU, that it could peg its currency without devaluation, is a case in point compared with ruthless devaluation policies vis-a-vis south-east Asia in many times.

The G7, after a post-Lehman relevance, seems to be consigned to the heap of history, as it voluntarily ceding powers to G20.

Mohamed El-Erian, co directing Pimco, the Pacific Investment Management Company. In his book When Markets Collide, he says we have entered a "new normal" and should expect sluggish growth out of developed economies and increasing opportunity in developing economies from now on.


World Financial Developments IMF World Economic Outlook Reports ; IMF Regional Economic Outlook Reports ; ;

National debts

Debate on the proper role of government borrowing. Inherently bad, or helping growth? What national debt is manageable? The role of the state as a system manager.

Reforms of the international monetary and financial system 2008 forward The GA commission with recommendations ;

Alternative currencies ; ; ; ;

Traders earning absurd bonuses for being micro-seconds ahead in some socially useless trading.

It is ultimately unhealthy for a society to have runaway pay at the top and the rest left behind : a big income gap breeds a variety of social evils, from more murders to worse mental health, as described by Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett in The Spirit Level.

Hedge Funds

80 % of Europe's $400Bn hedge fund business is in London. Hedge funds are blamed for exacerbating the credit crunch in 2008 and 2009 by making bets on a plunge in the bank shares.

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