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Health Scope



Health 2.0 Started by Steven Case (AOL) ; Patients comparing illnesses  ; Feb 2009 wiki by health professionals, database of information from medical professionals and combine it with forums for consumers and patients to share treatment stories, raise questions and directly engage with the physicians editing Medpedia’s content  ;

Environmental health

Health & Development

Poor health a cause or consequence of poverty? Nutrition and poverty traps. Health and impact on human capital. Correlation income levels and health? Case of India with rapid growth, but worsening nutritional status. Why? Die Gesundheit des Menschen sei ein Spiegel seiner Lebensbedingungen, hatte der deutsche Pathologe Rudolf Virchow in 19. Jahrhundert festgestelt. Hygiene und Kläranlagen sei wichtige, aber auch Licht, Luft und Demokratie.

Specific health interventions : Hiv/AIDS (link to Gender identities (UN Technical Working Group on MSM), Malaria, TB, diarrhea. Public health campaigns. Health delivery systems.

Medicines : Approximately 90 percent of the nearly five hundred medicines that the World Health Organization deems “essential” for developing countries are, according to the WHO, generic.

Malawi paradox : DfID unterstützt den Aufbau des Gesundheitsszstems mit millionensummen. Und jedoch, die britischen NHS warben aktiv malawische Krankenschwestern ab. DfID finanziert ein Notprogramm. for Krankenschwestern, Erfolg, aber will Apathie und Aussichtslosigkeit die Forstschritte schnell wieder zunichtemachen?

Familyplanning : The "fight" against Traditions, politics, interests.

Children :Die Geschichte des Erfolgs in Malawi beginnt mit den Kindern. Kindersterblichkeit sinkt - Zeichen der Besserung.

Business: What is the role of Businesses in fighting e.g. Hiv/AIDS. Condom manufacturers, attitudes.

Must rebuilding adequate health systems, primary care, public health promotion systems.

Example of small-scale, cheap working transformation of health care : David Werner and his Hesperian Foundation, which transformed health care for villagers in a part of rural Mexico, chiefly by means of having the villagers run it for themselves.

Link to economic gains : Iron supplementation program in Indonesia, improved health, and earnings.


Health & conflict causes

Health and conflict Institute for Theory and Practice 2006 Study. Shows that the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in developing countries was strongly associated with higher levels of civil conflict and more human rights abuses.

The concept of "peace through health" or "health as a bridge for peace" has been in existence for decades, but remains ambiguous. The idea is best understood as cross-border or cross-group initiatives toward increasing understanding, cooperation, and trust, addressing health concerns of populations and mobilizing health professionals as advocates for peace.

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