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African Literature

Chris Abani, 2010, Graceland, like Carlos Fuentes that let the archaic Mexico hit back against the present in "where the air is the thinnest". Abani criticises the Nigerian state, authoritarianism and corruption.

Arabic Literature

West Balkan Literature

French Literature

Reviews Forum ; focus on nobel winners ; ; Le blog 2.0 d’un bibliothécaire bibliobsédé des bibliothèques (2.0) ;

Portals  ; ; Libraire Bordeaux ; Literature database with search capabilities ; Large collection of on-line texts ; Interesting selection of on-line literature; many scholarly pieces ; Site from the National Library of France, focusing on the 19th century ; List of literature links, on-line texts, and critical analysis ; French government site with many on-line texts ; Index of e-text sites ;

German Literature

Berlin hotbed for literature and nexus Drama, Music.

Hungarian Literature

Irish Literature

Finnegans Wake Theories and schools of thought in the novel : Sigmund Freud (sex, dreams, unconscious); Sir James G. Frazer (comparative folklore, mythology, and religion); Levy-Bruhl (anthropology); Giambattista Vico (cyclical repetition in history, stages in development (Vicus, Jean Baptister Vickar)); Giordano Bruno (dualism and the conflict of opposites (Nolan)).

Four levels of meaning - literal, allegorical, anagogical (spiritual interpretation of texts), and moral (cf. Biblical exegesis and Dante).

Language used - puns, portmanteau words, malapropisms, assimilation, dissimilation, metathesis, philosophical allusions, church liturgy, popular songs, slang, headlines, advertising, placee-names, invidiuals heroes, books titles, paintings and statues, private anecdotes, gossip, friends and enemies, literary contemporareis, saints, sport celebrities, actors etc. - translates into what Lacan calls lire de travers, misreading, lapsus-reading, or rapports lateraux, an overflow of words and descriptions that together can provide a philosophical account.

Italian Literature


Tomasi di Lampedusa

Italo Svevo

Gesualdo Bufalino


Natalia Ginzburg

Romanian Literature New published editions, bookstore. Mircea Cartarescu

Spanish Literature ; Garcia Lorca Complete works. Portal, new and old literature. Le petit prince in French and Spanish.

Scandinavian Literature

United States Literature

The Five big reviewers ; ; ; ; ;

United Kingdom Literature Occasional online magazine ; British site covering new stars on the bookish sky ; , ; ; Chaucer

Dutch Language & Literature

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