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Welcome to Coddeau, a woven web of guesses. There are four categories: a foundation (or pro-knowledge), and three branches. Each of these four categories has two loose groups of disciplines: broadly theoretical disciplines (with the knowledge accumulated within those disciplines) and broadly applied disciplines (mostly derived from the broadly theoretical group).

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  1. Formal Logic (Philosophy of Logic), Pure Mathematics (Philosophy of Mathematics)
  2. Philosophy (Metaphysics, Epistemology, Ethics, Philosophy of Language, ...)
From Pro-Knowledge
  1. Applied Logic, Applications of Mathematics, Applied Philosophy
  2. Philosophy of Science (Science and Technology Studies, Sociology of Knowledge), Information Sciences (Knowledge Classification, Communication Studies, Media Studies, Semiotics), Learning Sciences (Education Studies, Research Methods, Teaching), Cognitive Sciences, Decision Theory, Systems Theory (Cybernetics), Complexity Theory
  3. Village Pump, Research

Branches of Knowledge

  1. Physical Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy & Astrophysics)
  2. Earth Sciences (Geologic Sciences, Hydrologic Sciences, Atmospheric Sciences, Astrogeology)
  3. Biological Sciences (Biological Taxonomy, Biological Anthropology, Neurosciences, ...)
From Natural Sciences
  1. Technology (Materials Science, Communication Technology, Computer Sciences, Energy Conversion, Nautica, ...)
  2. Environmental Sciences, Ecology, Applied Earth Sciences, Agricultural Sciences
  3. Medical Sciences (Health Sciences, Diseases, Disaster Medicine, ...), Psychology (Social Psychology, Psychotherapy,Psychiatry)
  1. Social Anthropology (Anthropological Theory, Identity, Kinship, Political Anthropology, Economic Anthropology, Anthropology of Religion ...)
  2. Sociology (Sociological Theory, Cultural Studies, Demography, Gender Studies, Religious Studies, ...), Social Statistics, Social Geography, ...
  3. Economics (Economic History, Political Economy, Development Economics, Econometrics, ...)
  4. Political Science (Political Theory, International Relations, Foreign Policy Analysis, Conflict Studies, ...), Development Studies, European Studies
From Social Sciences
  1. Area Studies (Africa, Europe, Middle East, France, Germany, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States, ...)
  2. Social Policy, Leisure (Travel, Sports, ...)
  3. Organisation Studies (Operations Research, Management Science (Programme Management, Knowledge Management), Administrative Science, Business (Finance, Business Administration), Social Movements Research, ...)
  4. Public Policies (Humanitarian Action, Development Policies, Democratisation, Statebuilding, Conflict Cures, ...), Law (International Law, ...),
  1. History (Philosophy of History, Archaeology, Classical Studies)
  2. Philosophy of Art (Aesthetics)
  3. Language Studies (Linguistics, Philology, Semiotics, Languages)
From History & The Humanities
  1. Design Arts (Architecture, Interior Design, Fashion, Print & Web Design)
  2. Moving Image
  3. Literature Studies (Narratology, Literatures)
  4. Music (Musicology)
  5. Performing Arts (Dance, Drama, Circus Arts)
  6. Visual Arts (Conceptual Art, Drawing, Painting, Print Making, Sculpture, Installation Art, Photography)
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