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Magazines and guides


Travel forums/connections/social

Administration & Planning

Travel Agencies

Many of these are presumably 'adventure' agencies that stress intrepid travel, but in fact are overcharging for over-organised tours for people who want to feel they are off the beaten path. Useful to browse their itineraries however for ideas on routes.

Air planes

Fare comparison sites - the big ones

Always go to the airline’s own Web site to simplify the reservation, avoid third-party booking fees and ensure the lowest fare.


Other tools


Airport Lounges


Book hotels through their own web sites — to avoid extra charges and to create a direct relationship between yourself and the hotel. However always check Kayak,, dealbase etc. to verify the rate.

Booking via phone,,,,,, ; ;

Listings of special hotels

Grandest Hotel Chains

‘Honeymoon getaways’ and Boutique Hotels

Unusual hotels ; Dublin, with collection of Irish Art ; Marrakech, with art collection ; Athens with art collection ; Asmara ; Great list of sophisticated hotels around the world ; Leading hotels of the world... membership etc. ; odd small Malaysian hotel chain, with one colonial hotel in Khartoum ; ; Reef Resort at Wadduwa, Sri Lanka ; renovated by India Mahdavi ; Monaco bar-restaurant-boite by Antoine Chevanne ; Le Byblos, St Tropez ; Hotel Costes, Paris ; Royal Monceau, Paris (Starck) ; Mamounia, Marrakech (Jacques Garcia) ; Manhattan, by Philippe Starck ; The Savoy, London (Garcia), managed by Fairmont Hotels, but owned by Saudi Prince bin Talal ; ; ;

Appartment rental

Peer-to-peer B&B, short lets, flatshare

Free hosting Most hosts are 40 or older. Some rules (minimum and maximum two nights - except the host offers more) you have to go for an interview - for security but lots of hosts in OZ and NZ ; same idea as servas but has more younger people and easier to become a member of; the idea is free accommodation but also here people are interested in the traveller and like to share ideas and views ; Very nice and hospitable bikers in New Zealand ; This is the classic version ;

House swaps, House sitting ; ; ; ;




Rivers Boat rides on e.g. Lena river, Amazonas, also train rides ;

Sailing Charter company, friends of Stacey Ballou, OCHA doing trips to Antarctica ; sailing adventures ;  ; ; ; users can join any sailing group by reserving a berth ; youngest solo around the world sailor.

Sailing regattas ; ; ; ; Cannes, the Cowes of the Mediterranean ; Phuket regatta ; ; ; ; ; ;

Bicycles Bike tourist community


Packing and Gear


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