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Buzzing pulling together headlines from the biggest news and opinion sites, blogs and vlogs ; ; Most popular articles, US slant ; ; ; ; ; ; "full coverage" ; ; machine-compiled single image composed hourly of 100 words and pictures that "matter most" on a global scale ;

News aggregators, RSS aggregators, Blogs

Radio & TV/Video

Book reviews

Literary News

Think Tanks See Public Policies, and Think Tanks.


French News



Broadcast Media tv and radio archives ; ; ; Emission de matin culture politique nouvelles ; ; French domestic news ; ; ; with Pieces a conviction ; Excellent documentaries ; ; ; with news ; ; ;

German News Belongs to Springer publishing house. Germany's most conservative major newspaper. Circulation 200,000 ; Together with the Süddeutsche Zeitung, the leading quality newspaper in Germany. Independent conservative. Circulation 390,000 ; Alternative paper, established in 1979, a late offshoot of the German student movement. The German equivalent of "Libération", but somewhat smaller. Circulation around 70,000 ; Liberal weekly. One of its publishers is former chancellor Helmut Schmidt. Circulation 450,000 ; One of Berlin's better newspapers along with the Tagesspiegel, circulation 180,000. Before the Wall came down, the Berliner Zeitung was one of the major newspapers in East Berlin ; The other major Berlin paper, liberal, circulation 130,000. West Berlin's equivalent of the Berliner Zeitung ; Liberal paper in Munich, and has the best culture pages in Germany together with the FAZ. Circulation 410,000 ;

Swedish News

Russian News

United Kingdom News with , , ; Rather watered down in recent years, but still a bell-weather for world news ; ; ; ; ; ; BBC video that is on offer ; all radio stations ; Radio 4 Newsquiz ; With World Service Radio News ; ;

Middle East

Les trois grands quotidiens panarabes édités à Londres


Africa Yahoo Africa ; Pay service. Gives good country overview on front page ; Analyses pan-African trends. Good ; Editorials online ; ; Includes good news, from CFA monetary zone ; ; ; Economic news ;

Broadcast media The French world service ; ; ;

Sub-regional news South Africa's leading quality paper ; South African internet news service ; Kenya's biggest daily paper ; Publié simultanément en Ouganda, au Kenya et en Tanzanie, The East African a été fondé en 1994. C'est une référence pour tous les observateurs de l'Afrique de l'Est. L'hebdomadaire appartient au groupe Nation, lequel publie notamment les quotidiens Daily Nation, Taifa Leo et Taifa Jumapili ; Major Nigerian daily. Independent and forthright ;

Debt relief ;

Political activism and research Books on Africa and the Diaspora ; Virtual library for Africa ; Space for change in Africa ; ; IDPs news ; ISS Situation reports on African issues ; ; ;

North America & Latin America

United States News

News syndication of mostly American articles daily ; ; Surprisingly good coverage worldwide ; Covers world-wide opinion ; with Kathleen Parker and George Will ; ; Founded 1881 and most left-leaning of big broadsheets ; run by Tina Brown, the grande dame of the Anglo-American media ; ; ;

Mainstream Comment ; webzine created 1996 in Seattle, financed by Microsoft but taken over 2004 by Washington Post, pioneer in web publishing ; ; ; American Prospect, liberal founded in 1980s to counter Reaganism ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; Conservative with Kathleen Parker ;

Progressive Comment ; ; ; ; American left-wing pseudo intellectual website, but provides breaths of fresh air ; videos with philosophical ideas ; Conservative comment ; interviews with thinkers ; video-debates ; ; ; Online left-wing magazine created 1998 ; ; Quarterly magazine of politics and culture edited by Mitchell Cohen and Michael Walzer ; Quarterly ; daily online magazine that provides thought-provoking commentary on today's news from a variety of black perspectives ; ;

Blogs counter current ; excellent end 2008 map of US blogs ; What the Americans think ; Fairly good impartisan 'checker' of politicians ; Campaignfunding ; ; All the channels for the 2008 candidates ; ; Reflective blog by Martyn Smith ; Nouriel Roubini blog on finance ; Gamut of news comments ; leftist political commentary ; Steve Clemons moderate democrate blogger ; Joshua Micah Marshall liberal blogger ; ; Liberal ; ; D.C. political gossip ; Impressive account of financial/economical social issues ; French in the US ;

Broadcast News NBC's Brian Williams and his nightly newscast has 10.1 million viewers, see also Meet the Press ; NBC also has Jay Leno and Conan 0'Brian on weekdays ; This Week, Charles Gibson at ABC Nightline 9.1 million ; Couric at CBS Evening News at 7.2 million, Face the nation ; Letterman ; at Comedy Central ; ; Fox News Sunday ; ; Late Edition; ; ; aggregator ; aggregator ; agregates news videos in a blog ; Public broadcasting ; Great interviews online ;




Natural Sciences

(Technology news have overlap with this category.)

The big ones AAAS ; ; ; Weekly journal of serious science ; ; Peer reviewed free online journal in natural science and medicine ;

Podcasts and blogs Excellent federation of blogs ; blog ; ; cafe des sciences, fédère les blogs français ; Not even wrong Peter Woit pour la physique contémporaine ; ; ; ; ; science videos ; videos ; OpenWetWare is an effort to promote the sharing of information, know-how, and wisdom among researchers and groups who are working in biology & biological engineering ; linking to people blogging on research articles ;

Technology ; Geek to live. Offers tips on software and things that supposedly can save you time ; ; ; Techology News ; ; ; Reviews ; ; ; ; ; ; Top100 ; ; EU construction technology news ; ;

Information Technology

Environmental Sciences

Blogs & Forums ; ; Scrappy, meaty service on the transition from the carbon-oil economy and its costs.. ; ; ; Ethics ; Forum where climate scientists can post their views about climate sciences. The political and economic implications of climate science are excluded ; The WorldChanging discussion forum’s main focus is connecting the various resources — tools, models, and ideas — with which a more sustainable environmental future can be built ; Environmental Economics is a discussion forum which posts economists’ views on environment and resource issues ; offers good news update ; Advocacy network ; Excellent in bashing the oil sector ; ; ;


Treaties ; Environmental treaties ;

Social Sciences



Politics Excellent electoral calendar ;

Conflict Studies Military and security focus, but covers also conflict news from this perspective. An accessible version of Jane's ; Reuter's crisis news service ; Good conflict coverage, strengthens local journalism in areas of conflict, training reporters, facilitating dialogue, and providing reliable information ; OCHA humanitarian news service ; Information specifically for humanitarian relief workers ; Action campaigns and news in human rights ; On religion and conflict blog by e.g. Hans Joas, Craig Calhoun, and Charles Taylor ; ; Focusing on some specific and violent political conflicts, and provides country briefings. But quite basic ; The Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (HD Centre), in collaboration with the online news aggregator Newscred, real-time Peacemaking News Portal.

Security News EU Security info and news ; ; Development news, but much in conflict areas ; Security related with only extracts for non-subscribers ; International Relations and Security Network provides news and analysis ; Refugees Weekly ;


History News


Forums & Reviews

Blogs on literature

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